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We're incredibly grateful to our partners! Your backing and dedication to advancing and promoting AI is truly appreciated.

Unite AI

Unite.AI offers news and analysis on the latest robotics, machine learning & artificial intelligence advancements.

AI Time Journal

We explore how AI and Exponential Technologies bring opportunities for people and organizations to increase their wealth and health.
Our audience is anyone interested in improving in their career, their business, their investments, living a healthier and more fulfilling life, or simply understanding how Exponential Technologies are changing the world.


A career hub for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers & Developers. Handpicked jobs, events & learning resources.


CIOInsights is a platform that provides the latest information on enterprise technology and innovations, keeping tech enthusiasts informed about current trends. With a particular focus on tech start-ups, it blends various aspects of technology to provide an unrivaled digital experience for ambitious entrepreneurs aiming to excel. The magazine offers its readers comprehensive details from every facet of the technology sector.

Media 7

Media 7 is a global digital media network with 30+ brands. They have built communities focused on 16 industries and business functions. With over 95 million decision makers and influencers across 120+ countries, Media 7's brands inspire and inform audiences. Businesses use their brands to reach potential buyers and engage them with targeted content. Marketers from all sizes of companies rely on Media 7 for marketing, advertising, and lead generation programs.

ApiX Drive

Connect Apps and Services to automate your work.

World Conference Alerts

World Conference Alerts is an online platform where you can get details about conferences, seminars, workshops, and other related events.

AI & Machine Learning Events

Discover the best hand-picked artificial intelligence and machine learning events.

Digital Giraffes

Marketing for a fast pacing digital transformative tomorrow.

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